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Ted Fattal

Few things can inspire us more than the heart and effort of High School Sports. High School Sports help develop the life skills of teamwork, communication, courage, and determination in our youth.

At the New z92.5 The Castle, we support High School Sports. We bring the games to the fans that can't be there in person, but are always there at heart. Classmates, family members, alumni and 'just plain' sports fans tune in to cheer on their favorite teams.

This year, we'll be broadcasting appromixately 9 regular season High School Football, and 11 High School Basketball Games on Fridays. Ted Fattal continues in his role as the area's voice for High School sports coverage.

Our High School coverage includes the following teams among others: Owosso, Corunna, Chesaning, Durand, Perry, Ashley and St. Johns.

High School Sports Schedule 2016

Date Z92.5 2016 High School Football Playoffs


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